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The repair and maintenance of water pumps

A, water pump motor maintenance:

1, we should always check the water pump motor with no problems, especially if it's gear to rotate, and its power is like buying the big time. For its test and not visible to the naked eye to see good, but need some equipmentto detect.

2, the quality of the water pump motor quality has been affected, when the power is too low when the motor is low, can extract water is little, at the time of detection, the quality of the coil must pump motor were identified,the pump can work properly is the key to.

3, to check on the inlet valve in the pump, the site directly affect the pump can draw water.

Pump mechanical seal leakage reason:

Two, the leakage of pressure generation

(1) high pressure and pressure wave caused by the mechanical seal leakage due to spring pressure and totalpressure ratio design is too large and the sealing chamber when the pressure exceeds 3MPa, can make the sealing face pressure is too large, the film is difficult to form a seal face wear serious, heat increased, the sealing surface caused by thermal deformation.

Countermeasures: in the assembly machine seal, spring compression according to certain provisions, too large or too small phenomenon does not allow, measures should be taken to seal high pressure gear pump under the condition of mechanical. In order to face reasonable force to minimize distortion, can be made of hard alloy,ceramics and other high strength material, and enhance the lubrication of cooling measures, used to * the transmission mode, such as keys, pin etc..

(2) create a vacuum state operation of the mechanical seal leakage of heat-conducting oil pump in the process of starting, stopping, the pump inlet is blocked, the reason such as pumping gas containing medium, may make the sealing cavity negative pressure, the sealing cavity if negative pressure, will cause the seal face dry friction,the inner mechanical seal will cause leakage (water) the phenomenon of different point, vacuum sealing andpositive pressure seal is the sealing object orientation difference, and mechanical seal has its one directionadaptability.

Countermeasures: double mechanical seal, which helps to improve the lubrication conditions, improve sealing performance.

Three, due to leakage caused by the media

(1) the majority of submersible sewage pump with mechanical seal after dismantling, static ring and moving ringwithout auxiliary elastic seal, and some have decay, resulting in a large number of leakage seal even grinding shaft phenomenon. Due to the high temperature, weak acid, weak base in sewage corrosion of the static ring and moving ring auxiliary rubber seal, causing leakage of large machinery, dynamic, static ring rubber seal ringmaterial is nitrile - 40, not high temperature resistant, not acid and alkali resistant, when the sewage is acidicalkaline corrosive.

Countermeasure: on corrosive medium, rubber parts should be used in high temperature resistance, weak acid, weak base of fluorine rubber.

(2) caused by solid particles and impurities of the mechanical seal leakage if solid particles into the seal face,speed up or wear seal face will scratch, high gear pump scale and oil pollution in the shaft (sleeve) deposits on the surface of friction and wear rate faster than the side, causing the movable ring cannot compensate for weardisplacement, hard to hard friction operation life than hard on graphite friction long, because the solid particlesof graphite seal ring sealing surface can be embedded within the.

Countermeasures: easy to enter in the solid particle position should be with the tungsten carbide tungsten carbide friction pair of mechanical seal.

Cycle four, the mechanical seal leakage

Explosion proof self-priming pump rotor axial momentum, the amount of interference auxiliary seal and shaft,the movable ring can not move flexibly in the shaft. In the pump reversal, dynamic and static ring wear, no compensation displacement.

Countermeasures: in the mechanical seal assembly, axial momentum axis should be less than 0.1mm, the amount of interference auxiliary seal and shaft should be moderate, in ensuring the radial sealing at the same time, ensure that can flexibly move on the shaft rotating ring after assembly (the moving ring is pressed to the spring can freely bounce back).

Five, the sealing surface of lubricating oil shortage caused by dry friction or brushed face seal.

Countermeasure: the oil chamber cavity lubrication oil surface height should be added to the above dynamic and static ring sealing surface.

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